Granny’s Finest

Designed by the new, produced by the best, worn by the greatest

what is it?

It all started as a pilot project, where creative and talented young people work together with granny’s in the city Rotterdam.( the Netherlands) The younger generation and elderly collaborate to create beautiful handmade, sustainable knitted products like hats, scarves, bags and neckties. Granny’s finest was born! Every product has a personal message with it from the creator. They asked the costumers to send a message back to the creator so they formed an interaction between the costumer and the lovely granny’s or younger talented. Because profit isn’t a big deal for Granny’s Finest, use they the money to organize events for the ‘granny’s’.

Granny Finest is founded by two dutch guys named Niek van Hengel and Jip Pulles. The goal of the project is to remediate loneliness with elderly in a creative manner whilst offering a platform to talented younger generation.

why is it cool?

I think this is a beautiful example of trying to bring all the generations together. In the Netherlands  are more and more elderly due to the aging. Research has shown that more than 500.000 elderly are feeling lonely(!) Granny’s Finest can help to solve this problem so there are more happy granny’s. Not only the granny’s have contact with each other but also with the costumers. They learn how the internet works by reading the e-cards. Now they can connect with the whole world if they want. I think that it’s good that they know they have the world to connect if they are feeling lonely. It is ‘The power of the social web.’

p.s. Don’t forget to take a look at

source:                                                                  vimeo


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