waste = food

‘ Save money.Eat well. Do good. ‘ 

what is it?

Waste food is a bad thing. Especially when anyone else can use it.

‘Pare up’ takes the lead and developed an app that gives retailers the opportunity to sell their unsold or unexpired food but gives people also the chance to search for cheap quality food. The purpose behind this idea: no more wasted food! Great right?!

How does it work?                                                                                                                                            Retailers post unsold or unexpired food for a discount. Customers take a look at the app to see if there are retailers nearby. If they find something that they like, they visit the retailer to get their discount. Costumers save money and retailers are happy that they don’t waste good food. Everybody wins.

Why is it cool?

New York City is the place where it al began. Not bad if you ask me. This big city has an enormous amount of retailers and the economy isn’t that good for the average inhabitant. Moreover is the sharing economy booming in big cities. This could be a solution for the worldwide food waste. More than a third of our food get lost at the moment.

Besides, if we take a look a the Dutch population. More than a half of the people trash their meal several times a week, mentions Wageningen UR. By sharing our food, we will reduce the amount of waste.

But there is more!  Your community will thank you for being sustainable (help retailers to have less wasted food) but also the earth. Let me explain; wasted food goes to landfills. Landfills are one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions. So fewer landfills mean less environmental pollution. You hero….

This combination of attention for sustainability and the sharing economy could be a ‘magic formula’ for Pare up. Maybe about a few years, even small cities will use this app daily.







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