Umbrella here

Light up your umbrella!

Sharing is caring right? Why not sharing your umbrella?

what is it?

Umbrella here is a light that you can attach on your umbrella, so strangers can see that your umbrella is available for sharing. An app is connected with ‘ umbrella here’ ,which ment that the user can simply control their umbrella. But there is more.. when you had a great chat along the way with the person you helped or helped you, you can easily find him or her back on the  internet. Just log in on the website ( type in the time and location you’ve met them and add them as you friend. Now you can stay connected and chat with each other any time you want.

This umbrella is created by 4 designers ( Patience, Martin, Karen and Tommy) who graduated from  the Hong Kong University. 

why is it cool?

This gadget is created to bring people’s relationship closer together. Not only offline (you are walking on the street alone and meet new people to talk it.) but also online ( you’ve met great people to stay connected online ). Especially the relationship between strangers. I think it is important to be nice to people who you met, even if you don’t know each other, because you are not the only one who lives on this earth.You can learn a lot from each other or even better, you can work together. So a nice first step would be Umbrella Here.Umbrella here is at the moment only available in China but i am sure that these 4 designers can run the world. Everyone wants to be helped right? It is not a big thing and it can give someone such a good feeling. Hopefully, this idea helps the sharing economy become more popular!



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