No filter

‘ take your photo here ‘ 

What is it?

Nowadays the community wants to be unique, wants to have the best photos and especially wants to have the best selfies.

A restaurant in Bangkok makes it a little bit easier for you. The photogenic interior of this top floor restaurant is created to get the selfies flowing. Design bureau Onion cooperates with Hashme to develop five material ‘ filters’ : Green paint, white marble, black steel, light oak and pink mirrors. These filters meet each other through tables , chairs, walls, plates, everything.

The purpose behind it is to share and tag as many photos of the restaurants as possible. You can see the photos on social media just to follow the hashtag WG.

Why is it cool?

Design bureau Onion really sees what is going on in the community and takes her advantage of it. In this way, the social media influences the design of a Bangkok restaurant. People have great photos and the restaurant great advertisement. Social media have so much influence nowadays. I think this is a good example of the power of the social web. 

Research from CBS has shown that one in six children nowadays is addicted to social media. Herewith, says the institute that the youth sensitive is for responses to the posts or pictures. So, the youth could be a target group for the restaurant. They want to have a unique photo which they can share with the world. It still sounds weird to me but yes, the whole world can see the picture and so the restaurant too.

Moreover, visual media become more popular. Research has shown that the number of hours of video content on youtube increased with 197%.  Also, the number of Pinterest Photos increased last year with 26%. I think the social web can help restaurants or businesses even more in the future. Have a look at the photos of this ‘ filter restaurant’ and be honest, you want to take a photo there right?




Frame Magazine,


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