‘ Be mindful, save water ‘ 

what is it?

It isn’t an easy task to be careful with your water consumption, we know that. Ôasys is created to help you to visualize your total water use. This wifi connected device is placed on a wall in your house. It has a sensor and battery powered band ,that confirm to the water using devices in your home, which detect when water is running. The display shows you your daily use as well as comparisons to the week before. The score lets you easily see if your water consumption is okay or not. This is clear for everyone in stead of using gallons to show people their total water use. Besides offers the device feedback if you’re using too much water, but also if you saving water.

Ôasys is created in Silicon Valley, where it al started as the first proof of a concept. At the moment the inventors are trying to get as many support to be a big community. 

why is it cool?

’‘ Today, natural sources are more precious than ever, and water is the number one global risk according to the world economic forum.’’ We know that water is a global problem but we still using water like it is nothing. I think it is cool that these 4 inventors want to help in an attractive manner. Ôasys looks modern and it does the work for you. You only have to listen to this smart device. The technology nowadays is still improving, the internet of things is still improving and people love it. Gadgets like this help you to be an ‘sustainable’ inhabitant and I hope everyone wants to be that inhabitant because the future need them.  8bd7f19905e5a1a46339977ef4b4d0f6_original





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