Personalized fashion

Mass production is in full swing. Every city has a Zara. Some people like it but some are tired of wearing clothes without something personal. They are looking for special stuff that fits them and their personality.

What is it?

Abstract_ ,a new brand, shows us that consumers can have more influence on a product than we already have seen. Fashion designer Julie Helles Eriksen collaborate with interaction designer Bjørn Karmann ,textile designer Kristine Boesen ( and you as a customer!) to create customized fashion. With Abstract_ the designers want to develop a new connection between the customer and the clothes they buy.


Well, customers are involved in the process by provoking patterns from their personal stories. If they visit the web shop, the site analyzes what the person writes and how it is written. This can be anything from your favorite vacation moment till what you did yesterday. Also, the facial expression is analyzed by webcam. All this data influence the colour of the pattern and if it’s done, the web shop will make the unique pattern of the customer into a unique garment.

Also nice to know, the inspiration for the shapes development is human mistakes. They say: ‘mistakes are a sign of personality’.

Why is it cool?

In this society, there is a huge interest for unique products as well as personal products.

With Abstract you can show your personality through customized fashion. There is a unique story behind every garment. This label takes individuality as starting point and wants to have a stronger connection between the customer and the clothes they buy.

Further, the involvement of the person in this design process is something new. It makes people curious, how are my thoughts and feelings expressed with clothes? And what if I will not like the pattern of my personalized garment?  I think  most people will like their pattern because it can visualize them in a beautiful manner. It creates a connection even if you don’t want it.





FRAME 107  p. 048


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