what is it?

clean your clothes while you drinking a cup of coffee, and this all at the same place. I want it! Back to the old times where you only could clean your clothes at the launderette. Wait 2 hours for the laundry were time consuming. Not anymore. Creators Dries and Yuri from Wasbar wants you to enjoy while cleaning your favorite jeans. This company is decorated like a livingroom. Have a seat, drink or eat something or have a seat at the desk to continue your work. ‘Wasbars’ are settled in Gent, Antwerpen and Kortrijk.

Students, adjudge your parents a weekend rest and take your laundry to ‘ wasbar’ while you can endless talk with your friends.

why is it cool?

This concept goes back in former times. Men created a kind of living room society with an image from the seventies. I think there are several bars which only wants the latest design to impress costumers. Besides people don’t always  search for ‘ new bars’. Wasbar is a example of the ‘ more close to the heart’ companies. They don’t want be over-marketed, more than that, they want to bring the feeling of a living room to an higher level. Further the staff will help you with cleaning your clothes. Take your time with cleaning, the washing-machine is yours how long you need it. Wasbar don’t want you to hurry, just like you don’t want to hurry at home. I think that’s the reason why the company could be very populair. Moreover, we live in a society where authentic is an upcoming trend. Wasbar understand this and decorated their bar with authentic details.

So you are happy, your mom is happy and you  spend a great time with your friends at the bar.   





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