An ocean of plastic

Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world. Everyone will have to make their contribution and so does G-star.

What is it?

G-star RAW has released a video game based on their new campaign, ‘ for the ocean project’ which recycles ocean plastic into a special denim collection and develops a bionic yarn. With the help of Pharrell Williams, this project wants to raise awareness about ocean pollution.

The game ” battle for big blue ‘’ is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play. The purpose is to collect as much plastic as can while you trying to avoid sea creators. But there is more. You can challenge a friend to a game or you can play against Pharrell Williams himself. When you challenge the musician, the app places another octopus on the screen so you can see his movement as you compete against him.

Why is it cool?

G-star wants to advertise on a whole new level. In collaboration with Pharrell Williams, they relate their brand with ‘sustainability’s and ocean pollution’. Hopefully, it will not only teach kids something about the ocean full of plastic but even inspire people to actually collect plastic bottles from the beach. The brand wants customers to follow Pharrell, the influence from this project by creating a gamification.

Moreover, people want to involve others and want to get involved by others what we called ‘ cool involvement’. G-stars project is a beautiful example of the cool involvement because they want to make people aware about the pollution like they are.

There is more waste than you think. Research from the University of Georgia en The Sea Education Association in Massachusetts shows that 4,8 to 12 million ton ends up in the sea. The biggest culprit is the developing world that takes big steps forward. Take a look at their system, environmental friendliness is in their eyes not that important. I think the game ‘ battle for big blue’ can help to reach them too and hopefully make them aware of what they are doing.

In this regard, gamification could reach large parts of the world. Almost everyone had a mobile phone or computer. So download ‘ battle for big blue’ for free and see what you can do.

‘’No one who has played the game will ever throw a plastic bottle in the ocean again”  ( Pharrell Williams)   





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