drawings come to life

what is it?

A children dream comes true..

Ikea came up with the idea to invite children to draw their dream soft toy. The best 10 designs are developed to real toys. The young designers were the first who saw the soft toys. You can see smile on their little faces on the video. For every teddy, Ikea will donate 1 euro to help the foundation Unicef. But not only Ikea helps, the children who created the fantasy toys are helping other children to get the quality education they deserve.

why is it cool?

The Swedish company is still playing with innovation. This time, they developed a collection by means of ‘little’ costumers. The co creation fits well with the image of Ikea: a family company.

With this concept ,people are more involved with the brand. The children actually become designers of Ikea. How cool is it to see your own drawing in real life? And because of the huge fantasy that youngsters have, Ikea comes out her comfort zone to produce ‘weird’ animals. I think it will be an huge success. People love to be unique and want to have the latest items. And if you tell them also they support Unicef when they buy a toy, they think they are such a good person.






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