Objective beauty?

what is it?

Robots can be used for anything nowadays. In China, there exist a robot which can cook a whole meal in 90 seconds (!). Now they will bring a robot on the market which is able to be a judge at a beauty contest.

how does it work?

Participating the contest is easy. Upload a selfie and place it in the app. Then you only have to wait. The ‘robot judge’ will scan the photo’s and finally choose a winner. But there are some rules. Wearing make-up, sunglasses or having a beard is forbidden. The winner will be the most objective beauty of the world.

But what is objective beauty? And could a robot really measure beauty? And maybe the most interesting question, is this what we wanted?

Why is it cool?

The World Economic Forum has released a report called ‘The future of Jobs’. They forecast that there are going to disappear 7,1 million jobs before 2020, due to computerization. It is quite cool to see how robots can take over human jobs because of the raising technologization. On the other hand, I think people need to do artisanal work by themselves. Robots are not able to do this with ‘love’.

Also, the image of ‘beauty’ is shifting. Beauty ideals become objective through robots which act like judges. But are they able to measure objective beauty if they are created by humans? Because people actually have a subjective view on what is beautiful. Everyone has his own opinion. For example, I am not a fan of very thin girls, but a lot of people do love thin girls. In the fifties, Marilyn Monroe was a beauty icon with her curves. These ideals change by time. I am curious how a robot can find out who is a beautiful woman or man.

Maybe we are ready for the next level, a ‘robot society’. But I don’t think people are expecting a ‘robot judge’ just because we humans , are sensitive to views of others. And the fact that a robot doesn’t have any feelings makes that they maybe have less influence on persons.

video: Beauty.AI

So will objective beauty be the new beauty ideal?




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