welcome back feminism

what is it?

Feminism is still happening. VN -ambassador Emma Watson showed here new project ‘ Our Shared Shelf’. She started a feminism book club that is available voor everyone (men also!). The only thing you have to do is to join the club and create a GoodReads-account. Every month , Watson will share one book. The purpose of this club is to discuss, share ideas and opinions about the feminism colored books. To make headway with a discussion, Emma will lay down some quotes or questions about the chosen story.

why is it cool?

There are always been troubles with the equality of men and women. After three waves of the feminist movement there are still some differences. All girls deserve respect for their talents. And that’s what is cool about this book club, Emma Watson wants you to know there are women with great talents and women who wants to share them ideas about equality. She is not seeking to start a new uprising but just want to show the beautiful and strong aspects of the female. beside, the club is not only for women, which means that it is possible that the feminism colored books will be read by men. Maybe it chances their minds? Maybe not. But ’our shared shelf’ can be future potential because the target group of this ‘network’  quit big and the internet is nowadays accessible.The book club gives people a chance to learn more about the subject and inspire each other whitout a lot effort to really take action.

However, Watson is not the only ‘new’ activist. Below this blog you can see a little collage of  pictures which are dealing with contemporary feminism.

feminist woord500






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