It’s about the brains

The society is a little bit done with ‘perfect’ people. We want status, brains and real women and men.

What is it?

I was actually surprised when I saw the new AXE campaign. No longer men with six-packs but men with brains. ‘Find your magic’  shows guys with talents rather than looks. Because at the end, your looks are not that important. AXE didn’t change their whole image, there are still some girls to  be seen. The fact remains, a brand of commerce ,which wants to respond to the need of men ( attract women). You can find the campaign below.

Why is it cool?

It seems to be a society where status is the point of focus. It is about what you do, what are you good at and less how you look.The shift of AXE his image is a good example of a shift in identity. You don’t need to have a six-pack or a big car to get attention,  you get attention when doing great things. besides, a campaign like this is more convincing than girls who are into you because you are using AXE deodorant. We need a ‘power men’ , like the power woman came up in the nineties. A new section of masculinity.

Research (from AXE) showed a low self- esteem by men. This campaign reveals that everyone is beautiful in the way they are. I think they made a step forward with their image,facing ‘men with brains’. Nobody shouldn’t be insecure about their looks. At the end, people like you because of your personality.

This idea of beauty is also known by Dove. Her campaign shows real women bodies. There are no longer unrealistic bodies. You don’t need that to feel beautiful. This way of advertising is a response to all the campaigns that want ‘perfect’ people. Customers are changing, fair and authentic views and products are what they want. Something that AXE and Dove take for granted.


John Legend reveal ‘find your magic’ collective 2016.



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