we are #WomenNotObjects

What is it?

”I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink” and ‘’ I would sell my body for a burger.’’  The new video of Madonna Badger shows a long advertising history of objectifying women. Together with other feminist, she created a clip that features female critiquing the ads by saying what the images are really suggesting. Madonna fight for sexist ads, and she is doing it well. Watch the video ‘ we are # womenNotObjects below.

Why is it cool?

The objectification of women, a serious topic if you ask me. Women who are treaded like objects by men. If you show your body, there is a huge chance you can get what you want from some men. Lily Allen had released a videoclip ‘ Here Out Here’  in 2013 as a reaction to objectification. She sings  “don’t need to shake my ass for you ’cause I’ve got a brain.” The song makes the subject to life, but not for long. Now Badger came up with a serious campaign to realize the world, there are actually a lot of sexist ads which are become ‘normal’ in this society. But it isn’t normal to be treated like an object. There is made a shift when it comes to the role of females. In the eighties there were power bitches, women who had power, a great job and respect. They are still here but the media transformed this lady into a subject, to sell products easily. You can say the media created a stereotype. ‘ We are # WomenNotObjects’ fight back, to change this stereotype. I think this is a beautiful statement. (Besides, i know there are also a lot of girls who love that kind of attention, but that has to do with their self image.)




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