check your food

What is it?

It could be hard to go out diner if you are on a diet, have an allergy or want to know exactly what you eat. Always asking where the dishes or products are made of or just eat at home to play safe.This little food expert makes it a little bit easier for you. The diet sensor is called SCIO and analyzes nutrients in the cells of your food with just a click on the button.The sensor is connected with an app, that shows where the food consist of. People can easily see what to eat and what not to eat by using their pocket scanner. One thing, it only works at homogeneous food like beef , fruit or vegetables. So don’t try it at a double cheeseburger (but i think you know exactly how bad that is for you). But if you want check your non-homogeneous foods, SCIO have created a huge food database where you can find over 600,000 items. With this product, the innovators have won a CES 2016 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree for the first instant nutrition coach with sensors.

Why is it cool?

Since a couple of years, healthy nutrition seems like a big thing. Consumption psychologist Hans Dagevos at the university of Wageningen already said ‘’ nutrition become more important voor people. Food is not only about nutritional value but aspects like ‘ what do i need for my body, who has sold it, where is it made en how is it made? ‘’ These values are understand by the market. But not every company is as honest as the other. It is easy to say ‘ this product is healthy’. This could make people suspicious. This diet sensor can help them check their food themselves. When you know exactly what you are eating means there is more trust and more transparency about the ingredients of dishes.The scanner is pocket sizes so it is possible always to scan your food by yourself. Besides that, people with an allergy can have real benefits from this product. A restaurant could make a mistake, for allergic people is this a huge risk. SCIO give them a chance to check the food twice. And maybe a restaurant itself, so they know they serve ‘safe’ food. If you ask me, this is a future potential invention because we as society are looking for transparency, transparency about food, companies. Not everyone has the time to grow their own food, we have to trust the food producer (and most of them are commercial) and not everybody are trusting them. So this diet sensor is a great solution to help people eat what they want, save and healthy food.    



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