data cocktail

The knowledge society is growing. Every day, the world becomes smarter and smarter. Information is everywhere, but information about you can be everywhere too anywhere . Are you aware of this?

What is it?

A tasty shot based on your personal information, this bartending robot can help you with that. ‘Social shot’ is an invention of a group of students that recently graduated at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. By using an algorithm developed at the University of Cambridge, the robot can analyze the personality traits of an individual based on information from their Facebook profile and made it into a layered cocktail.

These layers or ingredients represent the ‘ big five’ , a model used in personality psychology which curtails a human’s personality to five fundamental traits. Every cocktail consists of a percentage level of each personality trait.

For example, if you are a more extrovert person, the colour that is connected to this fundamental trait will be used more than in the mix of a person who is more introvert. With this experiment launched in 2016, the group of students draws attention to big data.

Why is it cool?

Every day the internet stores personal information to offer you and everyone personal advertisement. We are aware of the ‘information searchers’ but don’t know exactly what it means and how much power they have.

Das Bundeskartellamt has noticed this too and has started a research about Facebook and his privacy policy. Most people don’t know this social media platform has had a new rule since 1st February 2015 which make them allow to use personal profile pictures or information for commercial purposes (Volkskrant 2th of March 2016) thus algorithms influence our daily life.

Social shot wants to show this in an ironic way. I think this ironic way of collecting information will have an effect on people because it has an experience in it, and we, as  society are attached to that, also called the experience economy. There is a mass customization of nearly ever product ever designed, like this cocktail too.

By showing people how easy and how often big data is used for products, the team wants the world to realize , you are always monitored on the internet. And all this makes the world more and more transparent.

But do we have to worry about that? Well most of the time, information about customers is being used for now and the near future, from Facebook posts till transactions. There is nothing really dangerous about that. However, concerning predictive analysis, companies can go far. For instance, do you get a loan or not? It could lead to discrimination. Maybe in our future data driven society, everything will be based on peoples risk profile.

In any case, I think it is great action to create awareness among the population, that big data is growing.




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