farming preschool


Do you ever ask a child if they know how carrots grow or how their food is cooked ? Do they know it? Where are the times that kids were the little assistants in the kitchen?

What is it?

Maybe ‘ Nursery Fields Forever’ have wondered about that too. With their farming preschool, designed in 2015 , children will be more connected with nature. This ‘strange school’ doesn’t consist of classrooms but open spaces where vegetables grow and animals can come it too. There are no books, just experience based on practice, like grow your own food or learn about technology as the wind and solar power.

This concept is not yet built but it could be very useful in cities, say the Italian designers’ team. Indeed, cities are places ‘’where kids are more likely to be isolated from nature.”

Why is it cool?

‘The digital contact age’ seems to have some disadvantages. Look at the kids nowadays. It is hard to connect them to nature. This farming preschool can change that, by learning them how to grow your own food and animals which just walk around them. There will be more transparency in the food sector. Especially when kids grow up with respect for nature, like in the past when they had to help their parents with cooking.

Children will learn at this school where food comes from and how it grows , no food packaged in plastic anymore but real and natural products. Products in their original condition, chickens run outside, a tomato plant that needs care before you can eat it. By producing themselves, kids learn a lot about nutrition because you can’t learn it when you only eat pre-packaged products. This school could be a model for a more open world, where everyone is able to produce their own food, so they know what they eat and where it comes from.

Maybe, the little ‘farmers’ create close relationships with the animals and decide to become vegetarians. This could be a great opportunity for a steadily rising world’s population where beef is running out. Because if we want to feed the whole world in 2050 , that will be 10 billion people, we need meat substitute ( 15th of July 2015)

One world is also giving some alternatives to feed the growing world population. Things that we could learn the children. For instance the irrigation system from the old days. In other words, we need to go back to manual food production.

Let’s hope before the world is going to burst out , the farming preschool will open her doors.


three aspects the children learn



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