Let’s go cycling

What is it?

Soon, Berlin will be turned into a ‘bicycle city’. Cycling is cool, especially in crowd cities. Berlin is currently working on a huge indoor cycle track of nine kilometers. The location will be below the 120 years old metro line, where also found drive-in coffee bars, a ‘biergarten’ for your favorite beer and service stations to help bikers with flat bicycle tires. Apart from that, the so-called ‘green wave’ gives bikers priority in traffic lights. The speed of the bikers secures when the lights go green, which means that they rarely have to stop. Furthermore is the road an energy source because of a pressure-sensitive ground. The vibration activates by cycling can be turned into energy.

The other advantages: even when it is raining, you can cycle without arriving completely wet.

This all is still just a project. Hopefully, we can enjoy the indoor cycle track in the future!

Why is it cool?

Cities are growing so fast. Men say: in 2050, 70 percent of the population lives in the cities. What to do with so many people? And how to transport them? Berlin could have a great solution with their indoor cycle tracks. Bicycles take little space, especially in comparison to cars. Also when you take a look at the environmental impact of these two. There is still CO2 emissions. 

But there is a major step forward. CBS research shows that a number of cars in the Netherlands hardly augments. Cycling could help to not increase that amount.

Indoor cycle tracks could support people to stay away from their car. Even when it is raining, this road is dry and full of places where you can socialize or buy a drink to go. Cycling creates in this way a social aspect.





– https://www.bright.nl/nieuws/voorstel-voor-energie-opwekkend-fietspad-dwars-door-berlijn


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