green travellers

What is it?

The Netherlands could be a beautiful place to leave the city for a while. Go hiking, cycling or enjoy the water routes. Who says you can’t go camping with a little bit of luxury. HIHAHUT created unique two-person cabins, specially designed for the landscape in which it is placed. A ‘hihahut’ can navigate as a starting point of your journey trough the nature of Holland. These cabins are located strategically. If you want, you can spend each night of your trip in different cabins. These are equipped with a kitchen, table and stools, a hot shower, compost toilet, solar energy for charging and of course comfortable beds to recover from your adventures. With this all, HIHAHUT wants to be self-sufficient, they enjoy nature and don’t want to ruin it. Alongside the compost toilet and solar energy, the cabins also have water treatment on location. Go off the grid!

At the moment, the creators are busy with the design of the third cabin. Do you want to support Anna, Marga, and Toine? Check

Why is it cool?

Cities become more and more popular. In 2050, 70 percent of the population lives in the cities. This means that there will be huge of space around the cities and it’s a real shame if we didn’t  make use of it. For example a vacation in Holland. This country has some beautiful, much less well known, nature. HIHAHUT could show people that cities are not the only places to have a good time. Sometimes you have to escape from pressure at big locations.

These cabins, right in the middle of nature, are completely self-sufficient. Something which is possible in little amounts at the moment. Nevertheless, off grid is upcoming. Also due to the huge dependence of oil and gas. We had to create a new way of living without these sources. By using water treatment, cabins like HIHAHUT, you can regulate your own house.





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