Greenhost Hotel

What is it?

This summer I went on a trip to Indonesia, a beautiful but poor country I thought. Well, I can tell you, they know exactly how to use nature. They make themselves rich with their knowledge, acres of rice fields and the environment. Nevertheless, you can find some beautiful architecture between the houses.

I spend a couple of nights at Greenhost boutique hotel in Yogyakarta. My first impression was: ‘’ wow this looks very nice’’. They worked with a lot of wood, bamboo, concrete, metal and plants. But if you took a look closer, the plants were just not normal plants but herbs for preparing meals at the restaurant. On every floor, herbs are growing just in front of the hotel rooms. By using self-regulating water system, the herbs can grow uninterrupted. Last but not least, the rooftop is converted into a huge vegetable garden. Visitors from the hotel are allowed to enter the garden which makes the kitchen transparently.

Not only in the area of food. On both sides of the entrance hangs a screen where you can see how the place is built.

Why is it cool?

Tourism is booming in Indonesia. This has many advantages and disadvantages, but the locals are trying their best to keep it up by building hotels, restaurants, and resorts. But Greenhost wants besides a nice hotel, a place that can be self-sufficient eventually. They plant herbs, vegetables, and fruit so they can use it for personal consumption, like preparing meals for the visitors. Like this, food doesn’t have to come outside the city. This includes, there is less transport and it will be a more self-sufficient and a greener city. A green city, both literally and figuratively.

I think using a rooftop to grow your own food is a great alternative to feeding your visitors. Especially when they know and see you actually do that. A country like Indonesia has enormous plantations to feed their inhabitants. Why not build one to feed hotel visitors? They all live here from there own grown food. Why is that so difficult for instance for countries in Europe? I hope tourists will that in mind when they fly back to their home.




– own knowledge


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