It is not what is seems

What is it?

From 11 till 15th May 2016 , Amsterdam has a new pop-up shop called The mad rush. At the first sight a normal but nice little concept store but if you walk trough it, you will see it is not what you think it is. Behind the dressing room , mad rush has a sweatshop. A room where customers can see how their clothes are actually made. Low wages, production rates, high working hours and poor conditions. The staff of the store their job is to recreate the conditions that are playing a role in the developing world.

Furthermore, the pop-up store sells canvas bags for prices you as a customer want to spend on it. So what do you think is a fair price for this bag if you know the price of the materials and the hourly wages of the creator?

Mad rush is organized by Schone Kleren Campagne and Mama Cash to show people the real fashion industry. More about this two organizations? See the sources below.

Why is it cool?

An Experience could be everything. Most of the time they are in a positive way but Mad Rush wants to give women an experience that gives them some pause. Is this fair what we are doing? Do I pay enough for my clothes?

The pop- up store uses the experience economy to tell people the ugly truth about the fashion industry. The work conditions in this industry are really a problem in especially the developing world. Laborers often earn a minimum wage for working whole days in bad conditions. A month salary in Bangladesh  is 50 euro and 32 cents but a viable salary has to be 259 euros and 80 cents recording to Asia Floor Wage.

I think making people aware of this problem in the form of a pop-up shop is a great idea. Mainly because when customers enter the shop, they don’t know what awaits them. And I hope people will think about it twice when they want to buy a 5 dollar shirt. 


Mad Rush pop-up store



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