It only needs a paint job

What is it?

Who says an abandoned building is not interesting? German artist Katharina Grosse gave an abandoned beach house in New York life again by using bright colors. In the near future the place will be decommissioned but before that, everybody can enjoy the colorful work of the artist. Grosse did this at a request of MoMA PS1 for the series Rockaway! this year. In 2008, she did a similar challenge for Prospect. 1 in New Orleans where she painted a house orange that was hit by a hurricane.

Why is it cool?

The beach house was damaged by hurricane Sandy. Hurricanes like Sandy appeared a lot in America. It is sad to see what it can do, buildings are destroyed, trees are everywhere. It is nice to see that artist can enliven a city. Houses are being painted with bright colors. They can hide the ugly truth of damages with their work. People come to see it because it conveyed happiness. You can call it temporarily art.

Another advantage could be that creative actors use abandoned places as their workplace or as background for artwork. Empty spaces can be filled in this way, sounds like a sustainable idea, right? CBS shows that 14 percent of the social real estate is empty in the Netherlands. This means there is enough space to create beautiful things as an artist.




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